Add a PayPal Donate Button.

PayPal is one of the most popular and leading money payment service. Its world most trusted online money transfer system. Every freelancer wants it for a safe money transfer. And it does also have an earning faculty for blogger. If you are a blogger PayPal is one of the bet things to earn more money on your blog. When your blog-site visitors like your articles some of them like to donate for your site.
So today we know how to add a PayPal Donate button on your blog or website.

1.       At first go to and sing up your Account.

2.       Go to Merchant Services and click Donation on right side bar.

3.       Step 1: Choose a baton type-(Donation), Organization name/service - If you have any Organization type here , Donation ID- don’t need to do anything,  Currency –your own country currency. Now don’t change other facilities.

4.       Step 2 : Don’t do anything (optional).

5.       Step 3: its also optional so also put it blank.

6.        Now click Create Button.

7.       Now copy the code and paste on your website or blog. Save it and it’s done…!!!!

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1 Respones to "Add a PayPal Donate Button."

Hriday Sikder said...
September 27, 2012 at 7:21 PM

very useful post for new blogger thanks...

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