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Hello after so many days I am come back and now post everyday.OK lats go to the topic today we will create a free website from weebly. Weebly is one of the most popular blog site publisher.Any body can create a personal,educational or business site free from weebly. You also can earn money from weebly tho AdSense and Affiliate program.And also can buy custom domain name hear.So for making your own free website at first go to hear you can see Sing up.It's free and log in button. Fill the Box's with your Full Name, Your Email and Password then Click Sing Up. It,s free !

>>> After Click you need to Complete the Capcha and proof that you are a human and Click OK, Let's go!

>>>Now Select your website Categorize

>>> Now Choose your Web-Site Domain name or Sub Domain. after choosing Domain Click Continu

>>> You site has-been Complete so it's time to publish on the web.So Click Publish button right side on the header.

 >>> Click Continue

 >>>Congratulation now you site has been published on the web so click the site URL:// for check you site and you can also share you site to your twitter and facebook friends.After publishing close the popup tab and Edit your site.

Now you can add or remove any widget on your site easily and also can change your site design,Publish articles and many other thinks.Thank you to read my post.And please comment if you like the post.

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