What Google will Stop FeedBurner Service in 2013?‏

Much has been said recently about FeedBurner. FeedBurner provides a well-known e-mail and RSS subscription service is used by many bloggers, especially since this is a free service. A couple of months or so ago many bloggers to worry Feedburner numbers showed a zero for your blog. Since then the rumor that Google brings FeedBurner service in 2013 (probably forever, but I still can not say anything). So, is it true? And what would happen to its users if it is? In fact, could the closure of such a service may be a fault of Google spread.

Well, from the looks it, this rumor is only half the story. The "half-truth" part is the key word here, however. Google is not completely out of the entire service. Only closed FeedBurner API. We'll talk about it later in this post

Why Google Shuts down products?

Whether Google really turn FeedBurner, we must first analyze why Google products begins. A few months ago Matt Cutts has a video, which is why Google will disable certain products is uploaded. Long story short, there could be several reasons. The most obvious limitation of resources. As big as Google seems to be, has not unlimited resources. And if a project consumes resources without filling too much, then you must also keep close down.Google products are outdated. For example, Orkut is outdated for some time, so it had to be closed to people like Buzz and Google accommodate +.
The next question is 
is FeedBurner worthless for Google??

How Google sees
FeedBurner ?

Well, first things first. FeedBurner will be used by many bloggers out there, mainly because it's free. Given excellent profile of Google seems quite reasonable that the service had closed its doors. Now I'm not saying I know how they think, but one thing is certain. If Google was close to FeedBurner, without at least a fair warning (and we saw one of them), and many bloggers would be very upset. Not that Google cares about how they feel pinch, but you would be a bad business decision, because there is a lot of competition out there and waiting for Google to make a sheet, so that they can benefit.
Secondly, most of Google's services are free of charge (such as Feedburner) as Google AdSense, Blogger, Webmaster Tools, Google +, and so on. They were near a free product, it cast a shadow of doubt over other free products and reliability of these products also be affected in the future. After all, if a service can be disabled, which is to say that others do not do the same?

So what is the problem ?

Google has apparently had problems with the FeedBurner API. The first signs were delivered to when the counter is reset, even if no one has lost a subscriber. While the counter had problems. Although this has been fixed, others remain fundamental problems. Therefore, Google has finally decided he did not want developers who are still using your API. (Note: An API allows developers to interact with a program that you use an API to do the useful data, function calls and things like to get that.).
Therefore, although Feedburner still working its API from Google disabled. This may be due to the fact that the number of participants is not updated BuySellAds be seen if Feedburner use. This is because the API does not provide more useful data BSA.

So What's the next Step ?
Nothing too: P. Must Feedburner (seemingly) no problems to use before. But it would be a good idea to save your FeedBurner Subscribers (we will post on the next post ) be.

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