Facebook Location Tracing-Are You Ready ?

With values ​​of the stagnation of the competition and difficult colleagues, it seems that Facebook is now getting a little more than what I expected. This probably explains why they are hard to work to improve their service and the introduction of more features such as call display, video and voice research and commercialization of new features, the list is long, but not all. Facebook has a new location tracking device, so Facebook friends who are connected to each other in the vicinity. In addition, the companies will be able to reach customers and promote offers to users based on their location. Obviously this is a big change. But we are ready for this kind of thing?
The development of social media users
The Times, was born as Facebook, there was a lot of social media concepts, to combine where people and can form to the private clubs, events, etc., to share life at the time, Facebook is one of the very some tools for social connection. Fast forward to now, and you will see a large number of services pending review. Social media users are no longer limited to a few media. There are many other tools directly (Google+, Twitter, etc.) or indirectly compete (Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram) with Facebook. Therefore, the competition too much to manage in the long term for Facebook.
Another trend that has in recent years become increasingly mobile users. More and more people use mobile devices to surf the Internet. And an even higher percentage of social users use to make their mobile devices. According to the latest Form 10-K Facebook, are about half the monthly active users of mobile users. This document clearly shows the possibility that Facebook have revenue streams and mobile ads, and to find about 85% of its revenue from advertising.
Facebook seems to have lost some of its charm. According to a study, about 21% of regular users are now too busy to go to also. 10% think it is a waste of time, while another 10% have been deactivated or deleted your account some time last year. This shows that users are more interested in Facebook for the next day - one more reason for Facebook to improve its properties and your life.
Location Tracking
As the world goes mobile, it is not surprising that Facebook has to do the same thing with its location tracking feature. He bought a geolocation together as social media in the past year as a perspective. And last year, Facebook Gowalla, another location-based social media has acquired. Now, the combination of measures, started their own Facebook based on the location based on push technology. Facebook push notifications when the user information in one place, and when friends are nearby.
High-function cell phone? Probably. However, the violation of privacy? Total! Users were shaken and photo tag suggestion feature. Could this new feature to send the user to a paranoid frenzy. People do not want to follow their location and instead of a company that has their own little world composed it known? In addition, this new feature is a paradise for a stalker, I'm sure none of us want healthy people do not have, right?
What do you think of these new features of Facebook is so determined to make us think? Do you want to follow the company? Answer yes or no. In the comments below, along with a comment to let us know how you feel most of it.

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